Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Children of Leir–New 7” Single Black Annis (News/PR)

Children of Leir releases a brand new  Double A-side single through Simulations.

‘Black Annis’ b/w ‘Children Of Leir’ will be released on October 27th on 7” vinyl only and is limited to 100 copies.

...The Dane Hills area of Leicester was said to be haunted by a hideous blue skinned, hag-like creature known as Black Annis, possibly a relict of some local pagan deity. Although partial to all human flesh she took particular delight in eating young children, whom she would flay alive. She would then hang their skins like some grisly trophy upon the walls of a cave known as 'Black Annis' Bower'. She is said to have created the cave with her bare hands, tearing through the rock with her iron claws..

The single can be bought from the Children of Leir Bandcamp site.

The second Children of Leir album is due in 2015.