Saturday, 24 March 2007

Alan Davey Solo CD Press Release

Alan Davey
Human on the Outside
Format: CD

Alan Davey, long-time bass player with legendary space rockers Hawkwind, releases his new solo album, ‘Human on the Outside’.

Brimming with Davey’s kaleidoscopic and technicolour musical ideas, Human on the Outside is destined to please long time fans of his work with Hawkwind, admirers of his previous solo outings Captured Rotation and Bedouin (both recently reissued by Voiceprint Records) and a whole new audience.

Human on the Outside is a timely reminder of Alan’s ability as a multi-talented instrumentalist featuring not only his highly regarded bass playing (he describes his style as "playing like a rhythm or lead guitar") but also his synth and six-string guitar work. The album also includes a vocal contribution (on ‘Glass Wolves’) by his Meads of Asphodel colleague Metatron.

"It’s eclectic" notes Davey. "This album is way ahead of anything I’ve done before. There are deep, atmospheric, sounds and some really unusual rock numbers. It’s still clearly me – but it sounds like nothing I’ve ever done before, it has a real filmic quality to it. I’m always stretching myself as a musician and trying to do something totally different, really experimenting with sounds. This one is really on the button."

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"Davey remains an inventive and imaginative composer"
Record Collector Magazine

"If Alan Davey were cut down the middle, he’d have Hawkwind written through him"
Hawkwind – Sonic Assassins (SAF Publishing, 2004)

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